First weekend in Brighton

Yesterday I arrived in Brighton and I can already say that this is one of my favorite cities!

I landed at Heathrow airport at 12 and took a national express coach down to Brighton. I’m living right next to the sea. From outside my appartment, which I share with some other ladies, I can see the seafront which is pretty epic and makes me go outside at 7 in the morning to watch the sunrise!

On saturday I settled in a bit, got a little tour around the house and was shown my tiny room with bed, desk and somewhat like a closet. I unpacked and took a little powernap because even tho the journey wasn’t that long I was tired. I woke up when it was dark and was sooo hungry cause I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. So I made my way to waitrose which is like a 2 minute walk away. You can see why I love it here. The beach and waitrose are the same distance from my house. I got all the essentials like rice and pasta and bread.

Back at the house I made some food. And fell asleep at 9pm. Btw uk’s netflix is awesome my list of things is so full I’m afraid 3 months is not long enough to watch all the movies.

Today I woke up pretty early while it was still dark, opened my window and just listened to the waves and the later it got the more seagulls started screaming. Legit never been that happy!

At around half seven I went into the kitchen filled up my water bottle- with filtered water! – and went outside. I just caught the last bit of the sunrise and it was a beautiful day! Blue sky and lots of sun. After 2 hours of walking on the beach I went back to make some breakfast.

Sat down in my room and decided that if I’m gonna stay in 5m2 for the next 3 months it has to be pretty. So I walked towards Churchill Square and went into every shop that looked like it might have the stuff I need.. or want. So I bought bedlinen, a worldmap for my empty wall a duvet cause it was that soft.. and only 4‎£. So instead of brown sheets, brown walls and black furniture, I know have white linen with some coloured plants a baby pink duvet and a cool little worldmap- I love it. I also bought fairy lights bought obviously didn’t remember to buy batteries- ugh.

I’m writing this at 1pm so who knows what else is gonna happen today but I’m definitely planning on going down to the beach again to watch the sunset and I’ll bring my good camera, so I hope it’s gonna be epic.

We’ll see if this daily-blogging this is gonna happen but my days ahead are going to be so exiting.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 1.19.28 PM

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